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Helping to put God’s church on the internet

How we can help you…

A WordPress Website

We will build you a basic WordPress website based on information you provide to us.  And we will teach or train you how to manage and edit your site using Skype and Teamviewer.  All for free!

Note we said “basic”.  We won’t set up online shops or complex fundraising sites – if you need that functionality you need to talk to Promises. And you must have or assign someone that we can teach how to manage and edit your website

A Simple Logo

If you need a logo for your website we can walk you through the design process and come up with some options for you to choose from. We will also help with customising any featured images that you might want to use in your website.  Again, all for free!

If you have more complicated graphic design needs we can recommend people who might be able to help you.

And that is ALL for FREE

That’s right, we will work with you to build and setup your website, including if necessary designing a simple but unique logo, AND manage all your content and images AND train your webmaster – all completely for FREE! The only commitment we ask our Small Beginnings “clients” to make is – once the site is finished and launched – is that you prayerfully consider making a love offering to Cells-church Consultants International (CCI) which is a small groups and church development organisation that we work with.  CCI is active around the world and has projects, partners and fields workers in (just to name a few places) Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Australia, Poland, Lithuania, the USA and the UK.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.” Zechariah 4:10

20% discount on your website hosting for life!

Promises (our regular business) will give churches a lifetime 20% discount on all of their shared website hosting packages. The basic package will certainly be more than sufficient for a small to medium size church and includes plenty of emails, reliable service and a free domain name (or transfer of an existing domain name) for the first year.

Why do we do it?

Small Beginnings was set up in 2008 after I had heard many pastors and lay leaders talk about the complexities of setting up a web page, expressing their fears and concerns about how to ‘do it’ or manage ‘it’ or pay for ‘it’, I felt called to reach out to the hundreds if not thousands of churches, para-churches, missions, ministries, etc. who SHOULD (which could also read ‘NEED to’ or ‘DESERVE to’) have a ‘small beginning’ on the Internet but don’t (yet).


Your presence on the internet does not need to cost 1,000′s of dollars or be the latest, sexiest technology, or be filled with wonderful imagery and exciting articles – it simply needs to be there, to be genuine, to tell a story and to lead people to making a connection with you, your church or organisation that will help them to draw closer to Jesus – in whatever form that may take, and in a way that is right for your organisation.


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